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My Favourite National Sports of Ireland

As I have previously mentioned, I am a big fan of the GAA. This is probably because I have too many brothers. If you’re wondering, I am the only girl among seven brothers. There are two sports under the association which are Football and Hurling. Many people do not know what type of sport Hurling is so I will explain about it. It’s basically the national sports of Ireland. It requires a lot of skills especially the best eye and hand coordination. This game has to be the shortest game and it has been played for almost 3000 years. 

A unique thing about the ball used is it’s made out of leather. The players will use the wooden stick which is called a hurley stick to score. Basically, it’s a combination of Hockey and American Football but Hurling is much more aggressive. A grassier version of Ice Hockey. I really enjoy watching these games with my brother. There’s also a female version called Camogie but my brothers told me bother about joining it. See you with my next post!

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