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Making fresh juice with my electric juicer

Electric juicers are a convenient way of extracting fresh juice with complete vitamins and nutrients. Before you make your final decision, I recommend you to properly overview the performance and durability parameters so that the product you have selected meets your daily dieting habits. I hope that ratings on my electric juicers will prove to be of great support for people who are not aware of technical aspects about a juicing machine. To get you started, I have reviewed some of the most purchased products over different online stores.

The most recommended products
The juicer machine which has received best customer ratings is known as the Cuisinart CJE-1000 centrifugal juicer featuring a sleek and elegant design pattern. With a hard to believe 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty, the juicer can be used with peace of mind and satisfaction. Equipped with a 3-inch large chute, users can directly drop items such as apples, oranges and carrots to obtain fresh juice. Being a premium quality product, the extract contains minimal foam and retains freshness for up to 3 days. Furthermore, Cuisinart makes almost no noise while operating and can be cleaned by using a dishwasher as well.

Next upon my ratings for the best juicer machine lies the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor. For the people who are in search of a low budget juicer machine, this can surely prove to be their ultimate choice. Having a one year manufacturer’s warranty, the product is quite simple to use and clean after the extraction is completed. Leafy greens and all types of fruits can be conveniently extracted as the end product has the highest levels of vitamins and nutrients. Although the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor might not yield quick results, but you will surely find no match when considering its price tag. (Check out more here)

Best value for money
Last but not least, the Fagor Slow Juicer is also known for its high-end performance and durability. Being good at extracting nutritious juice from apples and kale, you can boost your mineral intake by consuming fresh juice on daily basis. Being a masticating juicer, the product operates best at slow RPMs to extract pulp and juice from till the last drop. There is no need for rigorous cleaning as all of the items can be assembled within minutes. Although this is not dishwasher safe, but you can disassemble the complete machine to ensure proper cleaning. However, the Fagor Slow Juicer has been tested by using all sorts of fruits and leafy greens by which best results have been achieved at all times. So, If you are planning to buy yourself a reliable and efficient masticating juicer, this will surely prove to be your ultimate selection.

Shun Chef Knife : An Unexpected Gift

I used to have so many knives in my kitchen. There was one I liked for cutting onions, one for most vegetables, one for tomatoes only, one for meats, one for this and one for that, and I used to just cut chicken with kitchen scissors.

Shun Chef Knife

But on my last birthday, a good friend gave me a chef knife. I’ve only read about them online but I don’t actually have any in my collection. I am more of a German knife kinda guy. But then I received this gift from Carla. The Shun chef knife beats them all. This is such an amazing knife, so versatile and so beautiful.

Japanese Chef Knives

Of course the Japanese have a high-end, centuries-old tradition of making knives, Samurai swords, and this old technique is being used for making the Shun chef knife as well. Also, they have used very high-quality steel for this knife.

The result is a knife that is very hard and durable. And it’s by far the sharpest I’ve ever had.

The Shun chef knife is great for slicing, dicing, and chopping. I found it to cut with ease through any meats and vegetables. Its handle fits great in my hand with a secure grip.

Stainless Steel Blade and Pakkawood Hull

And then there’s the look of the Shun chef knife. It is beautifully polished and shines with just a wipe. The Shun chef knife has no stains when hand washing and air drying. Even some slight stains from the dishwasher can be just wiped away and it shines again.

Because the Shun chef knife is so hard, it has very good edge retention and it is easy to sharpen. So far, I have only been honing my Shun chef knife once every week and the knife still is as razor sharp as it was in the beginning.

The Santoku Knife

What makes a Santoku knife great? First of all, the Santoku knives are great to carry out three types of cuts which are slicing, dicing and mincing. The Santoku’s knife shape is different than normal knives. The edge of the blade is flat and the end of the blade is a rounded curve rather than a pointy end. It is also much lighter and thinner than chef knives.

The Santoku knife has a unique characteristic about it. It has a granton edge. If you do not know what that is, it is small divots on both sides of the blade. This is to ensure that the food you dice or mince doesn’t stick to the blade. Not only that, you can feel the difference when slicing through potatoes and even cucumbers. Even though this knife originated from Japan, it has also become a part of the german knives. Seeing as famous brands such as Wusthof and Henckels have produced great Santoku knives throughout the years.

The German Santoku Knives

The best Santoku knives out there are the Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Santoku Knife and the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 7-Inch Santoku Knife with Hollow Edge. I assure you that by purchasing a Santoku knife, it will change your cooking experience.


My Favourite National Sports of Ireland

As I have previously mentioned, I am a big fan of the GAA. This is probably because I have too many brothers. If you’re wondering, I am the only girl among seven brothers. There are two sports under the association which are Football and Hurling. Many people do not know what type of sport Hurling is so I will explain about it. It’s basically the national sports of Ireland. It requires a lot of skills especially the best eye and hand coordination. This game has to be the shortest game and it has been played for almost 3000 years. 

A unique thing about the ball used is it’s made out of leather. The players will use the wooden stick which is called a hurley stick to score. Basically, it’s a combination of Hockey and American Football but Hurling is much more aggressive. A grassier version of Ice Hockey. I really enjoy watching these games with my brother. There’s also a female version called Camogie but my brothers told me bother about joining it. See you with my next post!

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