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The Enhanced Protective Glass Automotive Association (EPGAA) is comprised of interlayer and glass providers that work to educate consumers, automakers and government officials on the benefits of laminated glass. What […]


Membership of EPGAA is open to any company engaged in the production, marketing, and distribution of laminated glass or laminated glazing interlayers.  Associate membership in the EPGAA is open to […]

Protective Glass in Action

Laminated or protective glass has been used by automakers for decades to provide safe and effective windshields.  This year’s 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIS) showcased several advanced use […]



  • EPGAA Releases New Video: Enhanced Protection

    EPGAA Releases New Video: Enhanced Protection

    EPGAA recently released a new video, “Enhanced Protection”, conveying benefits of laminated glass in an unconventional way. Check it out now: www.enhancedprotectionthemovie.com  

  • MAC Annex Version 2 Underway

    MAC Annex Version 2 Underway

    Efforts are underway to develop a second version of the MAC Annex.  This Annex describes the procedure for the measurement of the additional fuel consumption and CO2 emission due to […]


Why Join EPGAA?

  • Why Join EPGAA?

    Automotive glass is transparent. It keeps the wind and rain off you. You look at or through the glass in your vehicle more than any other single part. Although many don’t give it a second thought, glass is also a key element in vehicle design, function, and structure. Laminated glass can provide benefits far beyond what you thought were possible, adding significant value to untapped vehicle real estate. If you’re involved in automotive laminated glass and are excited about making a difference, you belong in EPGAA.  Learn more…


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